What is the best app for diet and exercise?

Getting up on time, brushing your teeth, getting out for a jog, going to the office on time and remembering to call mom are all habits. Similarly, snoozing alarm, skipping exercise, procrastination and slacking are habits too. Habits by nature tend to follow inertia and it is not so easy to change them. The smartphones that we keep in our…

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What are the best Apps for Cryptocurrencies?

No matter how much some of us hate it, the cryptocurrency is no fad and it is real. The most popular type of virtual currency, Bitcoin is somewhat on a downward slope but that can quickly change. Also, there are other virtual currencies you can invest in. Experts know everything about their cryptocurrency world but for beginners’ questions like where…

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Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality?

For the starters, AR or formally Augmented Reality refers to the technology that expands the physical world by adding a virtual image over real-life objects. Furthermore, you are taken into the world of digital computing interface where the physical life meets technology. AR adds graphics, sound, feedback, and video to the actual existing environment that creates an illusion for effectively…

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